Common sink drain mistakes and how to avoid them!

sink drain mistakes

The best step to avoiding sink drain mistakes and blockages is to prevent them. And that comes with knowing what can and cannot go down the drain.  As a homeowner, you should be prepared to deal with minor plumbing problems or clogs. For major problems, you should always seek help from a reliable Sydney plumber […]

How To Clean A Stinky Drain

blocked drain stinky drain

A smelly, stinky drain is never pleasant! It’s also a sign that there could be a blockage down the sink or further down the pipe. In this article, we’ll take a look at How To Clean A Stinky Drain with a few simple steps. You can use these tips to clean your drain before you […]

How To Remove Hair From A Drain

hair in drain

Ew. Hair clogging a drain is just gross. What’s more gross? Trying to remove hair from a drain! Good news is, there are some easy ways to remove hair from a drain and we’ll cover them in this article.  Hair is one of the most common blocked drain causes in Australia. We love washing those […]

Keep Your Bathroom Drains Squeaky Clean And Avoid A Blocked Drain

blocked bathroom drains

A blocked bathroom drain is one of the most common household plumbing issues our team faces every week. There are several reasons that could lead to bathroom drain blockage. You should know about the core reasons and how you can prevent them in the first place. Knowing how to keep the bathroom drains clean and […]

Forgotten household drains and how to maintain them

household drains often forgotten about

It’s easy to forget about all the drains in your household, especially with every little other thing that life demands of you! Here at VIP Drains we are all about preventative plumbing maintenance to help you get on top of your home’s plumbing system before any blocked drain becomes an emergency. In that case you […]

How To Avoid A Plumbing Emergency

avoiding a plumbing emergency

Plumbing emergencies usually occur at the most unwanted moments and they bring forth an immediate and unwanted threat to your entire plumbing system, home and family. Plumbing emergencies can also be costly, take time to fix and can cause a headache or two along the way. At VIP Drains we strive to ensure that your […]

What To Do In A Blocked Drain Emergency

blocked drain emergency

Blocked drain emergencies often occur at the worst times. Think Christmas Day, a children’s birthday party or an intimate family gathering – we’ve seen them all!  With blocked drain emergencies, they need to be dealt with as soon as possible to ensure no further damage is done to your pipe system AND the blockage is […]

7 Ways To Maintain Clean Drains

7 ways to maintain clean drains

We all want to think that our drains are clean and sparkly. But what would we find if we rocked up to your home today for a routine drain inspection?  Chances are, at least one drain in your home would have a blockage of some sort.  Blocked drains in kitchens and bathrooms usually occur when […]

Why High-Pressure Jetting Is The Solution For Blocked Drains

high-pressure water jetting

Blocked drains serve to be a major problem for any renter or property owner in Australia. Organic and foreign materials that build up in kitchen sink drains, toilets and bathtubs can result in many minor and major plumbing issues. If your trusty plunger is not capable of removing the blockage, you need to hire a […]

Benefits of a CCTV Pipe Inspection

blocked drain, CCTV pipe inspection

The revolutionary CCTV or Closed Circuit Television Technology is used by businesses and retailers around the world for maximising security efforts. In addition to having ‘eyes on’ a property, CCTV technology finds its application in the plumbing industry to have ‘eyes on’ the insides of your home’s pipes.  Our team at VIP Drains uses CCTV […]

Are Tree Roots Blocking My Pipes?

tree root infiltration

There’s a lot of information online about the risk that tree roots pose to your home’s pipes. In fact, as blocked drain specialists we get asked this question a lot: “Are tree roots blocking my pipes?” The simple answer is; you won’t know until you dig a little deeper. Not to worry though, our professional […]